Graphic Design

A crucial part of any marketing piece is graphic design. Understanding the nuances of this and looking at it through the lens of experience could make the difference between the mail piece getting read or thrown away.

Our eyes naturally gravitate to bright colors and well placed graphics but this is only part of it.  Making the marketing piece easy to read with as few words as possible, visually appealing with a strong focus and call to action is the golden balance to aim for.

Easier said than done!

Our team of experienced graphic artists know this and are dedicated to making your marketing piece a success. Our one stop shop style approach is geared to meet all of your marketing needs with not only design but printing and door to door distribution.

Designing your marketing piece is easy, simple provide us with the following info via email:

  1. Size specifications
  2. General Idea - Focus and call to action
  3. Target Market
  4. Photos or other graphics that you may want us to include
  5. Your contact information
  6. When you need the job done
  7. Examples of the type of layout that you prefer - if possible

We will respond within 1 business day or less with a quote and go over the details of the concept with you.

Learn more about our signature door to door distribution today.  We can deliver up to 5000 homes with only 24 hours notice for rush jobs.

Get a higher response rate, save money and get the job done right and on time with DH.  Success is only a phone call away. (408) 595-6324

Family owned and operated since 1992.


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